Skillful Brushwork


Artist: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Style: Fanpu


摘自:International Art Museum of America


This painting was created in 1982 during the time a film was being shot in Sanhe, Sichuan. It is an on-the-spot painting of a real-life scene. Ink was used sparingly as if it were as precious as gold, yet the artist’s skills are demonstrated. At that time, the News Film Studio of China was shooting a documentary exclusively about the artist Wan Ko Yee.

The cameramen and others present saw a wild duck alight upon a withered tree trunk. Wan Ko Yee immediately lifted His brush and promptly finished the entire painting. By the time the wild duck raised its wings and flew away, this painting had already been completed. Moreover, the artistic prowess this artwork embodies is extraordinary. It not only perpetuates the elegance, purity, and high-quality of traditional paintings, it also expresses a new style. People who saw Wan Ko Yee create this painting were greatly surprised. They highly praised Him for having artistic skills and conceptions resembling but surpassing those of Bada Shanren (a famous Ming Dynasty painter). They also highly praised Him for His scholarly style that even excels the scholarly style reflected in ancient stone seals. At the time, the artist Wan Ko Yee was still in His early youth and was praised in the newspapers as a young hero. However, people did not know then that Wan Ko Yee is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, as we now know.

This painting is in the “Fanpu” style.

在場的攝影師和其他人,看見一只野鴨停落在乾枯的樹幹上。義雲高大師立即抬起筆,并及時完成了這幅畫。當鴨子抬起翅膀飛走的同時,作品已經完成。這幅作品體現了羌佛非凡的藝術才能。作品不僅延續了傳統繪畫的優雅、純潔、高質,還融入了新的風格。看到義雲高大師創作這幅畫的人,都感到十分驚奇。人們稱讚祂的繪畫技巧勝過類似風格的一位明代畫家 - 八大山人。人們也高度贊揚了祂的學術風格甚至勝過古石印章的風格。當時年輕的義雲高大師,被當作英雄刊登在報紙上。然而,人們不知道當時的那位義雲高大師就是現在的H.H.第三世多杰羌佛。


The “Fanpu” style
These paintings express the artistic conception of returning to original purity and simplicity. With unfettered hand and mind, the artist applies his most mature skills free of the slightest attachment and with minimal, natural strokes of the brush.





本站註:只有  南無H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的法音與第三世多杰羌佛辦公室的公告方為最正確的法義





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