Artist: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III
Style: Kuangxi(獷細派)


Various techniques were used in this painting entitled “Majesty” in order to enable viewers to see clearly the fur of this gallant lion and his cubs. Brush touches of various degrees of thickness and thinness were applied. Stone-based coloring material used in Chinese paintings was also applied. Every stroke of the brush became a separate hair. The process required much labor. Such a painting takes one to two years to complete. In short, a long time and painstaking effort are needed.
The mighty lion in this painting is in a lying pose with a majestic, awe-inspiring appearance that shakes the skies and land. Large-scale freehand brushwork was used to paint the rock and trees in the surrounding scene. The versatile skills of the artist are fully evidenced. The brushwork was completed in a mature, vigorous, bold, and spontaneous way. Naturally imbued in this surrounding scene are the profound literary and other talents of the artist. Painting mastery was reached in depicting this very appealing surrounding scene in which what appears chaotic is not in disorder and what appears somewhat real is abstract. Experts in calligraphy can see that each brush stroke used to paint the huge rock on which the lion lies was applied with a free and unfettered hand. Calligraphic skills were used with the effect of painting. Painting skills were used to bring out the spirit of the work. Brush techniques were applied to express charm and power. Calligraphy and painting unite in this one work of art. This artistic treasure contains energetic strokes and embodies a grand artistic conception. Its style belongs to the “Kuangxi” style of painting.



The “Kuangxi” Style
Such paintings fuse rough and precise artistry. The roughest, most rigid, most vigorous brush strokes of the large-scale freehand style are masterfully combined with the fine, delicate brush strokes of the realistic style, resulting in elegance amid roughness.










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